Home Organization in the Real World: Introduction

September 11th, 2009

Photo from HGTV.com

Photos from HGTV

We all know them. People with perfect closets of labeled storage boxes and matching hangers.  People with pantries that look like the shelves in a gourmet food boutique (see annoying pantry photo above.) People who always have on hand a fresh supply of batteries, sorted in little compartments by size of course.

You know who I’m talking about…the uber-organized.

As much as I admire them, I’m simply not one of them.

beige closet of the uber-organizedIn my world there are three kids under the age of 12, and a husband who is, and I’m being kind, the opposite of a neat-freak.  Being married with children has turned me into a hard-core realist.  Clutter, laundry on the kitchen table, unfinished decorating projects and numerous chaotic spaces co-exist with a few peaceful, organized, tidy spaces in my home on a daily basis.

Does the woman who owns the closet in this photo have another closet where she hides the rest of her clothes? The clothes that aren’t beige? Seriously.

That being said, I do believe we all deserve a home where the disarray does not stress us out to the point where we look forward to leaving it each day. I guess I’ve developed my own form of Home Organization called: I-Live-in-the-Real-World Organization. To that end, over the years I’ve read the tons of articles and picked the brains of my most amazingly uber-organized friends: Marla, Laurie Ann, Heather, Jill and Valerie.  From that, I’ve selected a few strategies that seem to give me the biggest bang for my buck when it comes to Home Organization.

So in the spirit of Fall nesting (i.e., that feeling of “Yeah, the kids are back in school, wow, my house got trashed over the summer,”) I’ve decided to provide my most favorite Home Organization tips over the course of my next several blog entries.

So please check back and feel free to provide your own tips in the comments. I’d love the advice of other I-Live-in-the-Real-World organizers like me.

Love Your Home,

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